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Digestion Improvement Collection


Compromised Digestion is generally caused / contributed to by a number of events. This collection is created to address each event.

Included with each product are detailed directions for use in the form of a PDF file to download after purchase. You may always return to this site and click ‘my account’ to download all the direction documents.

You may want a comprehensive coaching session to discuss your challenges. 

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Compromised Digestion is generally caused or contributed to by a number of events. This collection was created to address each event.

Included with each product is a page of detailed “Directions for Use” in the form of a PDF file to download after purchase. You may always return to this site and click ‘my account' to download all the direction documents.

Digestion challenges can include:

  • Work, home, family, accident or chemical stress
  • Diet choices
  • Lack of movement/exercise 
  • Dehydration

Stress reduces your body's ability to digest both in the stomach and in the small intestine. Stress can reduce the population of good bacteria and increase the population of bad bacteria (fungus, candida,  yeast). Also, Pharmaceuticals damage friendly bacteria, which allows bad bacteria to flourish. If you are consuming any type of pharmaceutical you will want to supplement with Flora G probiotic.

To Improve absorption of nutrients

  • Serrapeptase – dissolves mucus – take no more than 6 per day 
  • Okra-Pepsin – works in small intestine to dissolve built-up mucus in small intestine – take one with each meal
  • Pancreatin 1200 – works in small intestine to transform broken down food particles into usable nutrients by the body

If you improve your diet (eat organic, use safe cooking practices, cut out refined sugar/carbohydrates, and reduce the consumption of animal products to low levels – under 10%, the lower is better)  you may be able to stop the use of Okra-Pepsin after six months. If you continue to eat out or consume the “Standard American Diet”  you may use Okra-Pepsin indefinitely. 

To break down food into smaller pieces in the stomach it is best to use a Vitamix Machine to masticate the food into tiny pieces (so small the food has no gritty feeling when a small amount is rubbed between your finger and thumb). When you cannot use a machine you may use Betaine Hydrochloride – take one tablet after the first bite of food.

To break down food into various nutrients after it leaves the stomach and enters the small intestine  take Pancreatin, 1200 mg, 30 minutes before eating (some people may need to take several tablets to achieve desired digestion).

Common side effects of  compromised digestion are Fungus, Candida, Yeast Infections, and Constipation.

Fungus, candida, yeast infections, and constipation can be reduced by taking the Probiotics Flora-G and Candida-G.

Take Flora-G to build a friendly environment in your intestine – take as many as needed – load up at first. Candida-G  is used to reduce the candida, fungus, and/or yeast – consume away from Flora G by an hour and take only when needed (such as after taking a course of antibiotics – see more about antibiotic use below). Candida-G is excellent used as a douche for relieving/eliminating a vaginal yeast infection, just add the contents of two capsules to a two cup water douche and, after inserting the mixture, keep it in for a few minutes before expelling. Candida-G may also be used topically – most people find mixing the contents of a capsule with a small amount of water and applying the mixture to irritated skin very soothing.


Constipation caused by diet can be resolved with the addition/substitution of plant food which contains fiber (animal food contains 0% fiber). If you are unable/unwilling to change your diet or are taking prescription medication you can take Jim's Colon Pills/Cleanse to achieve regular easy bowel movements – instructions for most  people: take one Colon Cleanse at night and four Colon Pills well away from food during the day.

Antibiotic Use Warning: Super Bugs that are resistant to antibiotics have developed in the US due to over usage of antibiotics in our food supply and ourselves. Here are some ways to avoid needing to take antibiotics: Buying organic meat and reducing our consumption of meat are two ways of avoiding consumption of antibiotics. To avoid the need to take antibiotics ourselves for urinary tract infections, earaches, throat infections, sinus infections, etc. get a dental checkup yourself and ask your intimate partner to do the same. STD (sexually transmitted diseases) are not the only things that are transmitted through sexual contact. If you or your partner have infected teeth and/or gums you and he/she are subjecting yourselves to a constant immune suppressant, which makes both of you vulnerable to infection. The solution is to have your teeth and/or gums treated and in the meantime use condoms.       


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