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Issue 78


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Classic Newsletter Issue 78
Cancer-Proof Yourself By Increasing The Oxygen Absorption Ability of Your Cells Page 1
The Hidden Story of Cancer by Brian Peskin Page 2
Lack of Oxygen Leads to Sugar Fermentation Page 2
Parent Omega-6 Increases Oxygen Transfer Page 3
We Require More Omega-6 Than It Would Seem When We Only Look At Major Organs Page 4
Trans-Fat Label Warning Page 4
Omega-6 and Vitamin D Page 4
Are We Overdosing on Omega-3 Page 4
Do Not Take Lots of Omega-3 Page 5
Warning Physicians and Nutritionists Are Mistaken About Omega-6 Overdosing Page 5
Skin Tags Will Shrink When You Stop Taking Fish Oil Supplements Page 5
Aspirin and Essential Fatty Acids Page 6
Arterial Plaques Page 6
How Will You Know Your Oxygen Level Has Improved? Page 6
Brian Peskin's 5 Step Program To Minimize Your Risk of Contracting Cancer Page 6
Content of EFAs in Oils and Nuts Page 8
References Page 9
More From Bonnie Page 12


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