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Serrapeptase 100 Tablets One Bottle


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How Does Serrapeptase Work?

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Serrapeptase, technically known as Serrato Peptidase, is a unique and very powerful proteolytic (protein digesting) enzyme. Specific bacteria found in the gut of silkworms and used to “digest” their cocoons manufacture it. Serrapeptase is now synthesized and sold for medicinal purposes in Europe and Japan under the registered name Danzen® and sold under a variety of names including, DanzenTM, AniflazymTM, and SerraZymeTM. In the US Serrapeptase is sold as a nutritional supplement.

Most of the scientific research done on Serrapeptase has shown it to be a powerful antiinflammatory substance. It is used as an alternative to NSAID’s (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) for both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. Serrapeptase also relieves pain and reduces swelling. Perhaps the most exciting benefit comes from the clinical application of Serrapeptase for cardiovascular problems. European physicians including the late Dr. Hans Nieper, successfully used Serrapeptase to reduce the levels of arterial plaque and improve blood flow and cardiac function.

Serrapeptase reduces inflammation in three ways:

1. Breaks down the insoluble protein by-products of blood coagulation known as fibrin.

2. Thins the fluids formed from inflammation or injury and facilitates their drainage which speeds the tissue repair process.

3. Serrapeptase alleviates pain by inhibiting the release of specific pain-inducing amines known as bradykinin. The cardiovascular effects are due to the remarkable ability to break down dead or damaged tissue without harming living tissue. Atherosclerotic plaques can be slowly dissolved without harming the inside of the arteries.

Who Should Use Serrapeptase?

If you have an inflammatory condition like arthritis, sinusitis, fibrocystic breasts or you regularly take pain medication such as aspirin or NSAID’s then a trial with Serrapeptase is highly recommended. If you have known cardiovascular disease then it is prudent to discuss Serrapeptase with your physician so that your progress can be monitored. If a decision is made to use Serrapeptase, it can be used in conjunction with EDTA chelation therapy and may enhance the outcome. At least 10 mg of Serrapeptase daily is recommended for anyone over the age of 40 years who is interested in preventing arterial plaques.

How Much Serrapeptase Should You Use?

The recommended dose range for Serrapeptase is 10-30 mg per day. For prevention, 10 mg daily. For arthritis, sinusitis, fibrocystic breast, bronchitis, and cardiovascular problems, 20 mg daily. For pain use 10-20 mg daily, starting with 10 mg and working up to 20 mg daily. For injury, trauma or post surgery recovery use 30 mg daily for 2 days then drop to 20 mg daily until swelling and pain is resolved.


As we age we experience some profound alterations in the flesh, blood and bones that make up our bodies. Age brings potential inflammation, pain, arterial deposits and a host of other unwelcome changes. It is not often that a compound like Serrapeptase becomes available that can legitimately address so many health concerns. This enzyme is very powerful in very small doses and relatively inexpensive. We highly recommend a 3 month trial for anyone over the age of 40 years.


We have two cautions about the use of Serrapeptase. Gastrointestinal irritation can occur in elderly individuals with long-term use. It is rare but it has occurred. There is also a possibility of increased susceptibility to infection of the lung with using Serrapeptase. This is also rare but is thought to be the result of the ability of Serrapeptase to thin mucus secretions. In most cases this is a highly beneficial response, but caution is advised especially if you have a history of lung problems.

Serrapeptase (SP) is Now Available from RTH

Serrapeptase is a nutritional supplement containing 5 mg of the purified enzyme, Serratio Peptidase (Serrapeptase or SP), in an enterically-coated tablet. Serrapeptase is anti-inflammatory, anti-edemic, breaks down fibrous masses, and acts rapidly. It can reduce swelling from injury or surgery and swelling due to water retention; it increases penetration of antibiotics into living tissue. The fibrinolytic properties of this enzyme suggest its use for destroying sclerotic plaques in arteries — there have been anecdotal reports of success, but so far no formal clinical trials. Because of its anti-inflammatory capabilities, Serrapeptase is often considered an alternative to salicylates and NSAIDS. It is also an effective treatment for the symptoms of acute or chronic ear, nose and throat disorders. Serrapeptase must be taken on an empty stomach: After eating wait 1½ to 2 hours to take Serrapeptase and after taking Serrapeptase wait 20-30 minutes before eating (i.e. take it one half hour before meals.)

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