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In 1999 when I was 62 I went to Kaiser for a checkup and was told my blood pressure was on the borderline of being high (borderline is between 120 and 139 for the top number and between 80 and 89 for the bottom number) and that if it went up any higher I should begin taking a prescription drug to lower it. That day my blood pressure was 134 over 80. This surprised me because it had always been 120 over 70, but I hadn't had it taken for over a year.

Instead of worrying about it I decided to take cayenne capsules and see if they would bring it back to normal. I had read a book by Dick Quinn, Left for Dead, that was very persuasive about how important cayenne is for heart heath, so I ordered what he called in his book "the very best cayenne capsules on the market."

At first the capsules caused a burning sensation in my stomach and made me feel nauseated, but I experimented with "when" and "with what" I took them and finally I found I can tolerate one capsule of the hottest cayenne (Power Plus) if I take it in the morning after I drink two 8 ounce glasses of distilled water (or, my favorite, homemade alkaline broth) and wait about a half hour and then take the capsule with another two 8 ounce glasses of water. (At first, I wanted the cayenne to work as quickly as possible -- that's why I started with the hottest cayenne capsules -- even though I cannot tolerate eating food that contains hot or even mild chili peppers -- I hate the burning sensation -- but, as soon as I figured out how to take the capsules with no discomfort, I began to enjoy taking them. Dale thinks I'm the most impatient person in the world when it comes to getting results from my "natural cures" experiments and says I should tell you that you must be extremely motivated to experiment from the beginning with the hottest cayenne capsules, because they do come in different strengths.)

I must wait an hour before I eat after taking the capsule. Sometimes, an hour after I've taken the capsule, if I still feel a warm sensation in my stomach, I drink another two glasses of water before eating.

Also, if the warm sensation gets too uncomfortable anytime after I take the cayenne capsule -- this happens if I've waited too long to take it after drinking my first two glasses of water -- I can stop the burning sensation by taking my daily essential fatty acids (EFA's) (omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids), after which I continue waiting until an hour goes by since I took the capsule before eating. (I always take my EFA's before I eat anyway so they have a chance to go where they are needed before I eat saturated fat like butter, eggs or meat.)

If I eat and I have just swallowed the capsule, the burn begins and doesn't stop until the food is out of my stomach, which can take a couple of hours. I learned the first day to never do that!

If my day is not going as usual and I eat before I take my cayenne capsule, I just skip taking it that day. This doesn't do any harm to my blood pressure, and I just continue taking a capsule every morning the next day.

Once I started taking one Power Plus cayenne capsule every morning I took my blood pressure every few days to see if it was coming down. It was a full 30 days before I saw an improvement. After that it changed for the better every day or two.

After 45 days my blood pressure stayed at 125 over 75 for a week and I thought that was the best the cayenne could do for me. But, the next time I checked, two weeks later, it was 120 over 70. I was thrilled that my one-person experiment worked so well and I have been taking one of those very hot capsules (almost) every morning -- and have had perfect blood pressure -- ever since.

Bonnie O'Sullivan

Cayenne is a powerful circulation stimulant.

Cayenne reduces fibrin, a blood protein that promotes clotting. Cayenne hastens the nutrient-waste exchange in the capillaries, promoting optimum metabolism. As a fiery catalyst herb, cayenne is excellent when taken with other nutritional supplements – vitamins, minerals and herbs.

Cayenne works fast – some people feel better right away. Power Plus (75 percent cayenne) and Power Caps (50 percent cayenne) are too hot for some people. Medium-heat Heart Food Caps (25 percent cayenne) is the best seller. Similar to Heart Food Caps, Cayenne Plus (10 percent cayenne) is our new mild "All-In-One" formula. 

Initially, take one capsule just before a meal. Avoid taking cayenne with hot coffee. Increase dosage slowly. If you take too much too soon, you may experience loose stools. Start again with a lower dose. You can open a capsule and sprinkle the cayenne powder directly into your food (works well in soup, chili, eggs, tomato juice, etc.).

Heart Foods was started in 1989 by Dick Quinn, author of "Left for Dead." In 2006, Heart Foods became "Cayenne Company." We continue Dick Quinn's practice of blending 90,000 H.U. East Indian Cayenne and 130,000 H.U. African Birdseye Cayenne.

Purchase worry-free; we offer a 100 percent money back guarantee.

Note The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

Bonnie recommends this "Starter Package" - 
Both Books and 1 Bottle Cayenne Plus (mild), 1 Evening Primrose Oil, 1 Fax Oil 

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